Thu 27 Apr, 19:00


We are gathering a panel to talk about the pros and cons of this concrete proposal by a group of top-shelf pragmatic conservatives. I know, I know, people believe they're extinct, like the dodo or the passenger pigeon. But see for yourself. Read the documents here.

Or just watch this video.

We'll update the guest list as we get closer to the date.

Tue 16 May, 18:30


Identity & identification: Crossing the great divides

Sun 04 Jun, 14:00


Are you a woman in science? Want to share your passion for your work with the public? Why not apply to become one of our 2017 Soapbox Science speakers? Our speakers are PhD students, lecturers, readers, professors, engineers, and scientists working in the industry. The deadline for applications is Friday the 24th of February 2017. To apply, just fill the form here: